Morecambe Based, C&G Recycling specialise in certified data destruction

C&G Recycling

Businesses which are relocating, re-organising archives or just having a paper purge, trust C&G Recycling with the secure shredding of their confidential data

Because of our ability to securely destroy personal data, we also provide a house clearence service. Sensitive documents are properly shredded to prevent identity theft.

C&G Recycling is wholly committed to minimising our impact on the environment - where-ever possible, your paper or house clearence waste is fully recycled.

C&G specialised services

C&G Recycling specialised services

C&G Recycling is a confidential data shredding company which aims to protect your customers against unscrupulous fraudsters and you against prosecution and even commercial spies.
What’s more, our data destruction service is certified so you have evidence of secure disposal.
Clients, which include local authorities, schools, solicitors and accountants, are provided with reusable sacks to fill with sensitive papers.
Once full, these sacks are collected by C&G and taken to our secure depot for cross-cut shredding a destructive process which reduces papers to a size of no more than 1cm wide by 6cm long.
It's not just day-to-day documents which need to be protected. Even outdated papers must be responsibly destroyed. So, if your office needs a paper purge, security must be a consideration.
Clearing a house after the death of a relative or friend is not just a traumatic experience - It’s also time-consuming and challenging.
It can be so difficult to know what to do with everything: What is of value? What could be recycled? What should be properly destroyed? What, if anything, can be thrown away?
At C&G Recycling, we offer a full and responsible house clearance service.
Any sensitive documents such as bank statements and personal data are confidentially destroyed.
Furniture, clothing, books, electrical items and other items are distributed amongst local charities and recycling organisations including:
  • St Johns Hospice
  • Age Concern
  • Scope
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Galloways
Items can be delivered to UK beneficiaries.
Please contact us for more information regarding house clearances; Chris: 07944 432 614 or Gavin: 07944 432 619. Or visit
Protecting financial, personal and commercial information is a huge responsibility which every organization shares.
Robust Data Protection legislation means UK businesses must ensure that any sensitive information is securely destroyed. Secure shredding excludes the traditional strip cutting shredders often seen in the workplace because strip shredded documents can too easily be put back together.
So, whether you're a small restaurant processing credit card payments or a large local authority dealing with personal housing records, your documents have to be destroyed securely.
Why? Because identity theft is the biggest rising fraud in the UK and 90% of companies prosecuted in recent years under the Data Protection Act have been found guilty.
As well as protecting yourself and customers, using C&G means you are also looking after the environment.
C&G recycles your paper waste, delivering shredded bales to a nearby mill for pulping.
It's 100% recycled, saving landfill space and reducing your business' impact on the environment.

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